HTML tables to elegant data tables !

If you want to make your regular html show better on browser you can use a javascript library from

simple example which i use on my project.

1. Add jquery >=1.7 and datatables js and css to your html page.

2. create a html table (use thead tbody tags) and give it an ID.

3. call javascript code as simple as below (can add option as parameter also).

$(document).ready(function() {
} );
4. Enjoy your new good looking html table !
Below is latest datatables js and css as per today downloaded from

Bluefish editor for programming

If you a programmer you can use vi or vim or nano to code. Sometimes it just not enough feature or give comfort. I use an editor called bluefish. Install it from package like this :

For openbsd do pkg_add bluefish

If installing for openbsd dont forget to set your PKG_PATH env variable.

For Dragonfly BSD do pkg install bluefish

Bluefish have a good support for html tags and ruby language. See bluefish screenshot below.

Happy coding all !