unar : Extract multipart zip files on linux

Its a shock knowing that the unzip program available on linux cant easily extract multipart zip files with ease. There is alternative program unar also available to do this task efficiently.

If u have multipart zip files as follow archive.zip.001, archive.zip.002archive.zip.003 then just execute unar archive.zip.001 and extraction will begin.

To install unar on debian/ubuntu based linux : sudo apt install unar.

Soon enough goodbye november and welcome december, go away pandemic.

Vim : change current working directory

When we work with vim, usually it will start with our current home directory. If we want to change global working directory of vim to the current edited file, we can do by executing :cd %:p:h and it will show the directory it changed to. To change only for the current window we can do :lcd %:p:h. I like to use :split command to edit minimal 2 file and :lcd will come handy if we will work on multiple directory also.

Thats all. Keep it simple. Step by step.

OpenBSD 6.8 released !

Hi OpenBSD 6.7 users lets fire up our sysupgrade command !

Seamless upgrade experience once more time from OpenBSD.

Happy 25th Anniversary to OpenBSD.

Ruby upto for looping

Numeric variable on ruby have upto method that we can use to do looping. Normally looping is done by using while or for syntax. Ruby can do differently.

Example above we loop from 10 to 15. Its simpler right.

Shorthand If and unless in Ruby lang

The basic conditional if in ruby is like any other programming language.

if condition then

[statements to execute if condition is satisfied (true) ]


If only a statement needed to executed then we can use shorthand form of if. Statement is at front followed by if and condition.

Ruby also have unless for conditional branching. Difference is statement will be executed if condition not satisfied (false).

Try it yourself at irb ! Bye …

Ruby Programming : Constant

Ruby programming language have constant like other language we know ? Or Ruby dont have ?

Ruby have naming convention related to variable names. If a variable name begin with upper case then its considered constant. Ruby wont stop you to change that constant, it only emit warning like a test case below on irb.

So thats Ruby’s constant.

Gem Install Location

This is an interesting command to know. We can use gem environment to find out gem files install location. Below is sample output on windows OS.