Optimize linux battery life

Ubuntu/Debian : sudo apt install tlp

to start it : sudo tlp start

to show stat : sudo tlp stat

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Ruby spaceship operator <=>

The spaceship operator is general comparison operator. The <=> operator compares 2 values and returning -1, 0, or 1 depending on whether the first value is less than, equal, or greater than the second.

Example in irb.

This operator is used on ruby range operation , objects must implement <=> and succ method to perform range operation. Lets test the a numeric value for these methods.

Keep learning ruby on 2021.

Sqlite3 slow commit solution

Sqlite3 is a great database to work with prototyping or simple web application. Recently i notice that insert to database is slow event if only inserting 1 – 10 rows. Turn out i need to change PRAGMA synchronous setting of the database which is default to 2 or FULL. In FULL mode database will issue sync command to the disk for each transaction to ensure that data is safely written. This in some case is slow.

In a modern world that a power failure is rare we dont need that all the time sync to disk things. To minimize the sync we can set to 1 or NORMAL, so sqlite will sync less often than FULL mode.

To set to NORMAL mode, execute sql command below.

PRAGMA synchronous = NORMAL;


PRAGMA synchronous = 1;

unar : Extract multipart zip files on linux

Its a shock knowing that the unzip program available on linux cant easily extract multipart zip files with ease. There is alternative program unar also available to do this task efficiently.

If u have multipart zip files as follow archive.zip.001, archive.zip.002archive.zip.003 then just execute unar archive.zip.001 and extraction will begin.

To install unar on debian/ubuntu based linux : sudo apt install unar.

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