Using IUP on windows/mingw

IUP is a cross platform GUI library. Last time tried to figure out how to compile an IUP hello world program using codeblocks IDE. After some searching on internet finally managed to compile it. Here is the linker setting used.

Vim text editor for windows

Tonight i want to install vim for windows on my Win 10 laptop.

Download the installer of gvim80-586.exe from url

Install it and follow till the end.

At the end we can choose to show readme like above.

Done installing and try to launch gvim from start menu by searching gvim.

Using gvim (gui version) is easier because we have access to menu instead of typing command.

Run cmd.exe under the local system account

Some time we need to debug a program which run using cmd.exe under system account(NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM).

We can use psexec program from sysinternals’ PsTools to achieve this.

To use it, put pstools folder on your system path and execute

psexec -i -s cmd.exe

where arguments -i if for interactive and -s is for system account