Run cmd.exe under the local system account

Some time we need to debug a program which run using cmd.exe under system account(NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM).

We can use psexec program from sysinternals’ PsTools to achieve this.

To use it, put pstools folder on your system path and execute

psexec -i -s cmd.exe

where arguments -i if for interactive and -s is for system account

Finding Your Program On OpenBSD Ports

OpenBSD have a package called sqlports and sqlports-compact which contain sqlite database about ports.

add to your system using

pkg_add sqlports-compact

see pkg_info on sqlports-compact below

Location of the database and  sample query

We can use a GUI sqlite manager program called sqliteman, its easier.

Add it to your system

pkg_add sqliteman

see below the look and fee of sqliteman

bye for now …

Capturing Screenshot From OpenBSD

To be able to take screenshot we can use xpaint program on OpenBSD.

Install xpaint using pkg_add xpaint.

To select screen area to be captured use a menu from xpaint

Use menu save from parent menu file to save your screen capture.

Thats it …