Sqlite3 slow commit solution

Sqlite3 is a great database to work with prototyping or simple web application. Recently i notice that insert to database is slow event if only inserting 1 – 10 rows. Turn out i need to change PRAGMA synchronous setting of the database which is default to 2 or FULL. In FULL mode database will issue sync command to the disk for each transaction to ensure that data is safely written. This in some case is slow.

In a modern world that a power failure is rare we dont need that all the time sync to disk things. To minimize the sync we can set to 1 or NORMAL, so sqlite will sync less often than FULL mode.

To set to NORMAL mode, execute sql command below.

PRAGMA synchronous = NORMAL;


PRAGMA synchronous = 1;

Installing TCL on OpenBSD 6.6

To bring tcl/tk programming language and some database connectivity for tcl on OpenBSD do command below as root :

pkg_add tcl tk sqlite3-tcl pgtcl

OpenBSD 6.6 can install tcl/tk 8.5 and 8.6.

Two extra package named sqlite3-tcl and pgtcl will give tcl capability to work with sqlite3 database and postgresql database.

Tdbc also a good choice for database connectivity. Tdbc packages on OpenBSD available for mysql, postgres, sqlite3. To add tdbc , we can do pkg_add tdbc-postgres tdbc-mysql tdbc-sqlite3.

Later will write more about tcl/tk.