Gem Install Location

This is an interesting command to know. We can use gem environment to find out gem files install location. Below is sample output on windows OS.

Compile Minimum Profit 5.41 under Ubuntu 20

  1. Get mp-5.4.1 source code from
  2. Install build-essential package (sudo apt install build-essential)
  3. Install libncurses-dev (sudo apt install libncurses-dev)
  4. Install libgtk-3-dev (sudo apt install libgtk-3-dev)
  5. Copy mpdm folder from mp-5.4.1 folder to parent folder.
  6. open terminal goto mp-5.4.1 folder and run ./
  7. Check if gtk and ncurses driver registered by config script.
  8. Type make to compile.
  9. Type make install to install the mp-5 executable.