Setting up Postgresql on Manjaro Linux

Postgresql is one of my favorite database. I want it to be installed on my manjaro linux laptop. Open “add remove program” and install postgresql and pgadmin4. Its better to use pgadmin4 to manage your postgresql database than using psql cli based program.

After install done lets fire up the console and login as postgres user.

lets check some info to make sure every thing in order. Data dir under postgres home must be owned by postgres user as shown below.

Use initdb command to initialize database cluster.  Im using my favorite option as follow.

-W prompt for super user password

-A md5   use md5 auth mode

Enable and start postgresql service. Check also for status after starting postgresql.

Try to connect using psql …

Or better use pgadmin4 to connect for your comfort …

Start with create server and enter your postgres user and password created at initdb process.

Connected and browse your postgresql database at ease !

Its my first time seeing the new pgadmin4 program. Usually im using pgadmin3 the previous version program.

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  1. Thanks a lot, you save my day.
    Before I reach this article, I’ve been frustrated for searching how to use postgresql in manjaro for dummy. But your article is just awesome.
    Thanks bro

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