Simple Regex

Regex quick reference
[abc]     A single character: a, b or c
[^abc]     Any single character but a, b, or c
[a-z]     Any single character in the range a-z
[a-zA-Z]     Any single character in the range a-z or A-Z
^     Start of line
$     End of line
\A     Start of string
\z     End of string
.     Any single character
\s     Any whitespace character
\S     Any non-whitespace character
\d     Any digit
\D     Any non-digit
\w     Any word character (letter, number, underscore)
\W     Any non-word character
\b     Any word boundary character
(…)     Capture everything enclosed
(a|b)     a or b
a?     Zero or one of a
a*     Zero or more of a
a+     One or more of a
a{3}     Exactly 3 of a
a{3,}     3 or more of a
a{3,6}     Between 3 and 6 of a

options: i case insensitive m make dot match newlines x ignore whitespace in regex o perform #{…} substitutions only once

Mate Desktop on FreeBSD 11.1

Im doing this step on my freebsd 11.1 laptop after some search on the net.

  1. login as root
  2. pkg install Xorg
  3. pkg install mate
  4. pkg install slim
  5. edit /etc/rc.conf and add following lines if not exist
    1. hald_enable=”YES”
    2. dbus_enable=”YES”
    3. slim_enable=”YES”
    4. moused_enable=”YES”
  6. create .xinitrc file on home directory
    1. exec mate-session
  7. reboot and login