On my experiment with FreeBSD 11.1, after some time i am installing codeblocks , an IDE for creating C/C++ program. Unfortunately codeblocks didnt work (crash) on launch. Looks like some issue on wxwidget. Dunno.

After some casual browsing on FreeBSD package/ports list on the net , i found another C/C++ IDE !

It is Codelite !

pkg install codelite

Launch codelite, automatically detect clang llvm 4 available, then do some helloworld project …

FreeBSD 11.1 top

There is something catching my attention when i do top on freebsd 11.1 terminal which are additional lines for ARC like shown below.

ARC is somewhat unique to FreeBSD because of its ZFS implementation. ARC : Adaptive Replacement Cache is one of ZFS features. ARC used RAM to cache ZFS objects.

Mate Desktop on FreeBSD 11.1

Im doing this step on my freebsd 11.1 laptop after some search on the net.

  1. login as root
  2. pkg install Xorg
  3. pkg install mate
  4. pkg install slim
  5. edit /etc/rc.conf and add following lines if not exist
    1. hald_enable=”YES”
    2. dbus_enable=”YES”
    3. slim_enable=”YES”
    4. moused_enable=”YES”
  6. create .xinitrc file on home directory
    1. exec mate-session
  7. reboot and login