Compile Minimum Profit 5.41 under Ubuntu 20

  1. Get mp-5.4.1 source code from
  2. Install build-essential package (sudo apt install build-essential)
  3. Install libncurses-dev (sudo apt install libncurses-dev)
  4. Install libgtk-3-dev (sudo apt install libgtk-3-dev)
  5. Copy mpdm folder from mp-5.4.1 folder to parent folder.
  6. open terminal goto mp-5.4.1 folder and run ./
  7. Check if gtk and ncurses driver registered by config script.
  8. Type make to compile.
  9. Type make install to install the mp-5 executable.

Flask based simple web app : show random quote

Save a file named as follow. This project will need mysql database and a table. Test it by running “flask run” on terminal on same folder with Prerequsite is pymysql and flask module (do pip install).

Python package manager

Ruby have its gem command to install package and python have pip. Since python 3.4, pip is included to default install.

On my linux mint pip command is pip3 and i try to list installed package with pip list command.

To install a package try : pip install <package name>

To search a package try : pip search <searched word>


Python compile to bytecode

To compile a python script to bytecode we can use py_compile module.

Above we try to compile and the bytecode available at __pycache__ folder. We can execute the bytecode as usual. This bytecode cant be used to hide your source code because one can “uncompile” it.


Tkinter Application with login form

Hooray this is my first python post !

Here i want to share a tkinter based application on python 3 with login form. If user is logging in by clicked a login button then login form will disappear and main form will show up. This code is not connected to database yet ! Only playing with 2 toplevel tk window placement and control its state.

Donwload py source code below.


Trying postgresql c++ interface : pqxx

Postgresql database have an official interface to C programming language and a C++ interface derived from that. C++ is a different language from C and i think it will be more easier to deal with.

Lets give a try on the newest linux mint 20.

1. install libpqxx-dev package (sudo apt-get install  libpqxx-dev).

2. install codelite IDE (sudo apt-get install  codelite).

3. install postgresql (sudo apt-get install postgresql).

4. create an user (user1) for connecting to postgresql. Continue reading “Trying postgresql c++ interface : pqxx”